Reptile and Amphibian Party!


Chocolate cake with reptiles and amphibians!

Chocolate cake with reptiles and amphibians!

Yay, another fun cake theme! This reptile and amphibian party was super neat. They even had live creatures at the party! I used Oreo cookies to make the “dirt” and cut some fondant leaves and flowers. I found the cute little toy animals at the Dollar store and they worked perfectly to tie it all together. I had some scrap paper that was a grass print so I used some contact paper to adhere it to the cake board base.  It’s an easy solution to dress up a inexpensive cardboard base.  Also stops the grease stains from getting on the cardboard or paper base.  Well,  Happy Birthday Rhianna looks like you had a lot of fun!



Suitcase cake, off to Egypt!

I had the joy of making this super fun Bon Voyage cake last week! In case you haven’t guessed the person of honor was heading off to a new life in Egypt! I didn’t want to do something with only an Egyptian theme so I tried to incorporate travel into the mix with the suitcase shape. I just used fondant to make the handle, palm trees and pyramid details.  I crushed up animal cookies to make the sand and dusted the pyramids with some edible gold dust.  Overall, this was a ton of fun to make.  Best of luck to Zuzana on her journey and I hope everyone enjoyed the cake!!

Suitcase cake

Suitcase cake

Egypt tag detail

Egypt tag detail

Suitcase cake

Suitcase cake


Bow Bash for Bellah!



This party was so much fun! I was so excited to have the chance to make so many pretty and different things. Not that I don’t love the weekly Frozen themed cakes but this theme just had that extra something.

I made two large bow banners out of 1.5 and 1 inch satin ribbons. Tying bow after bow for hours upon hours was actually kind of relaxing. I did two layer cakes with hand painted gold fondant details. The gold luster dust is really amazing and that little tube goes a long way. One cake was vanilla with strawberry cream cheese filling the other chocolate with raspberry filling. The pink fondant bow on top of the mint cake really made it stand out. 

My Cricut got a lot of use for this party! The gold bow toppers and #1 cake topper were cut with the Cricut from gold glitter paper. I found it at Michael’s for about $3 a sheet. The pink cupcakes were a variety of chocolate, vanilla and chocolate chip with soft pink icing. I did some halal marshmallow Rice Krispie treats and dipped them in chocolate. I also made tiny chocolate bows to add that extra interest. I dusted them with gold luster and did some white chocolate details as well. 

This Momma had some cute ideas and wanted little cookie jars filled with sugar cookies for party favors. I baked about 300 mini sugar cookies to fill the little jars. They came out very cute! Overall this was tons of fun.  Working for a sweet and adorable family made it even more enjoyable. I loved doing all of this for sweet Bellah and I am so glad everyone has such a great time at the party! Happy 1’st Birthday Bellah!



Mother’s day, peony floral cupcakes with peach frosting


I love mascarpone!! I love flowers!! I made mascarpone icing and these pretty flower cupcakes as a treat for moms everywhere…but mostly for myself. I was hungry. I wanted them to look like peonies but the end result was a bit more rose-ish. That’s Okay though, either way I liked them and they were pretty tasty. 

Good for 6 cupcakes –

4oz mascarpone cheese

1/4 cup of confectioners sugar 

a few drops of peach extract

I blended it until it became a bit thick and crumbly. I wanted the edges to look more rough for a peony flower effect. The floral liners added a bit of sweetness. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! We moms deserve more then a day, I think we should have Mother’s week. I need a vacation 🙂 




Cherry almond cupcakes

Chocolate Almond Cherry Cupcakes!

Delicious little devils, with vanilla cherry icing. The vanilla icing recipe is super easy. I was searching for a recipe that did not use as much butter as all of my other ones. This one fit the bill perfectly and it was really yummy.

Easy Vanilla Icing

2 Tbs of unsalted butter (softened)

2 cups of powdered sugar

2 Tbs of milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Cream the butter with mixer until fluffy about 30 seconds. Add powdered sugar, then milk and vanilla. Mix until well blended about 1 to 2 mins. Cut a maraschino cherry in half to top the cupcakes. I even spooned a little of the cherry juice on top. Just a few drops!


Gummy bear & blue raspberry cupcakes!


I’ve been messing around with box cakes lately. It’s pretty easy to modify a simple box cake and turn it into something funtastic. Yes, I mean funtastic. What could be more fun then funfetti and gummy bears all living on the same cupcake? Not much that I can think of, let the awesome begin.

Necessary Things

1 box Yellow or White cake mix (Duncan Hines is my favorite)

1 box Blue raspberry Jello

1 bag Gummy Bears

Empty cake mix into bowl then add powder Jello directly from packet. Integrate the Jello so that it’s evenly distributed within the cake mix. Then just follow box baking instructions and let cool.

I used a store bought funfetti mix because I was being lazy but here is a link to a great vanilla icing that you can just mix confetti or sprinkles into! Love you Martha Stewart.

Awesome giant cupcake pan!

I was so excited when I got my giant cupcake pan in the mail yesterday. I dove right in and went to town. It was a little tricky getting both sides of the pan filled evenly though. I must have not had enough batter on the top of the cupcake section of the pan. The two sections didn’t seem to match up perfectly once baked. I decided to toss the top and just frost the base section to look like the rounded top. I think it came out pretty cute for a 1st attempt. Practice will hopefully make the next one perfect.

giant cupcake cakegiant cupcake cake