Frozen themed party fun!

  I’ve had tons of fun making all sorts of Frozen themed goodies for parties these last few months. Here are a few of my favorites for those seeking inspiration. Elsa and Anna paper doll links below for some DIY … Continue reading


I happily accepted this dragon and princess party given to me at the very last minute. I love all things fantastical, medieval and renaissance faire inspired. I had to use what I had on hand, no time for a shopping trip or online order. Luckily, I had some green fondant so I figured I’d run with it.  I made little triangles to mimic the scales on the dragons back. Then I cut some fondant circles reminiscent of Puff the magic dragon. I made some purple buttercream icing as it would be cute with the green fondant.  I lopped the icing on top of the cakes at first. I let it chill for about 30 mins then smoothed the buttercream by hand into little domes to look like dragon backs. I added the fondant pieces and hoped for the best. It actually worked! They were pretty cute and they family was very happy with them. Hope the little princess has a great birthday party!