Happy Halloween treats and eats!

 Fall is upon us! Cupcakes, caramel apples and pumpkin cakes abound.   These ghost cupcakes were pretty simple to make. I just used a marshmallow style icing or 7 minute frosting as it’s commonly known and piped out some icing … Continue reading

Frozen themed party fun!

  I’ve had tons of fun making all sorts of Frozen themed goodies for parties these last few months. Here are a few of my favorites for those seeking inspiration. Elsa and Anna paper doll links below for some DIY … Continue reading

Reptile and Amphibian Party!


Chocolate cake with reptiles and amphibians!

Chocolate cake with reptiles and amphibians!

Yay, another fun cake theme! This reptile and amphibian party was super neat. They even had live creatures at the party! I used Oreo cookies to make the “dirt” and cut some fondant leaves and flowers. I found the cute little toy animals at the Dollar store and they worked perfectly to tie it all together. I had some scrap paper that was a grass print so I used some contact paper to adhere it to the cake board base.  It’s an easy solution to dress up a inexpensive cardboard base.  Also stops the grease stains from getting on the cardboard or paper base.  Well,  Happy Birthday Rhianna looks like you had a lot of fun!



Gender reveal party!

This weekend was tons of fun! I had a great time creating these gender reveal cupcakes. I also felt pretty special since I was the only other person, besides Mum of course, who knew the outcome. Baby’s future big sister seemed to enjoy the icing the most. Congratulations to the happy family, it’s a boy!!Image

Mother’s day, peony floral cupcakes with peach frosting


I love mascarpone!! I love flowers!! I made mascarpone icing and these pretty flower cupcakes as a treat for moms everywhere…but mostly for myself. I was hungry. I wanted them to look like peonies but the end result was a bit more rose-ish. That’s Okay though, either way I liked them and they were pretty tasty. 

Good for 6 cupcakes –

4oz mascarpone cheese

1/4 cup of confectioners sugar 

a few drops of peach extract

I blended it until it became a bit thick and crumbly. I wanted the edges to look more rough for a peony flower effect. The floral liners added a bit of sweetness. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! We moms deserve more then a day, I think we should have Mother’s week. I need a vacation 🙂 




Tutorial-Dum Dum lollipop centerpieces and communion ideas


Communion time is upon us!! Tons of fun cross cakes and flowered goodies are going to be flying out of my kitchen any day now. I really like when I get Communion/Christening parties. There’s so many fun things to create since you really can incorporate anything into this ceremonious event. We were doing flowers for the tables and I thought let’s do a fun centerpiece for the kids table. Something they can engage in and enjoy. I decided to do a version of  those Dum Dum lolly topiaries I’d been seeing around the web. It was super fun and the kids loved it. Here is the easy Dum Dum  lollipop bouquet tutorial,  anyone can make it!

You Will Need-

Styrofoam ball

2lb bag of Dum Dum brand lollipops

Tin bucket (check the $1 bins at target)

Glue gun and glue sticks

Start in the top center with one Dum Dum pop,  then continue to make circles around the 1st pop. It’s seriously that easy. If you notice holes here and there it’s OK. Just pop an extra Dum Dum in to fill the space. Finish with some ribbon, bows, baubles, or whatever suits your vision. I added some balled up tissue paper inside and then glue gunned the crap out of it. I used glue around the top of the tin as well to secure the styrofoam ball inside.  It’s a super easy and fun project that everyone will enjoy. To complete the look for the event I also did some white cupcake favors with custom labels in cups and some petite floral centerpieces in Mason jars. I really hope the family enjoyed the day. I know I enjoyed creating it for them!

                                                        Imagelolli centerpiece

Mason jar of daisies and alstro

Baptism table

Mason jar of daisies and alstro

Mason jar of daisies and alstro


Cinnamon Apple Gluten Free and Casein Free Cupcakes!

gluten free casein free

gluten free casein free

This week I had an order for gluten free cupcakes that also needed to be casein free. I had a great GF recipe but it called for butter. I found a few recipes online but all of them called for things I didn’t have in my cupboard.  Luckily, I had picked up a box of Betty Crocker gluten free cake mix the other day at the store. I was very curious to try it. I thought this could be a good opportunity to give it a shot with a few modifications of course.  After much research, Earth Balance vegan butter bars stood out as the best choice for a butter replacement in baking. They seemed pretty smooth and smelled buttery enough so I gave it a go. Adding the applesauce definitely upped the moist factor which is always important when dealing with GF baked goods as they have a tendency to dry out quickly.  I used soy milk and the vegan butter to replace the regular butter and milk in my vanilla icing recipe and it turned out very good. I also made an apple cider glaze to try on my leftover cupcakes after the order was filled. I drizzled some on top of the iced ones as well for extra apple awesomeness. Here is the recipe for you to try, happy eating!

You will need:

1 box betty crocker gluten free yellow cake mix

1/4 cup light brown sugar

1/3 cup vegetable oil

3 eggs

1 cup applesauce

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Heat oven to 350F

Mix GF cake mix, brown sugar, applesauce, oil, eggs, cinnamon in a large bowl. Best 30 seconds on low speed until incorporated. Scrape down side of bowl with a spatula then continue mixing on medium speed for about 2 mins.  Pour into cupcake pans. Bake until golden brown, about 19-23 mins.  Cupcakes are ready when they spring back after being lightly pressed with finger.


4 tablespoons of Earth Balance vegan butter bar/ softened

4 cups of powdered sugar

4 tablespoons of soy milk

1 teaspoon GF vanilla

Add butter to bowl and beat about 30 seconds then soy milk and vanilla. Next add powdered sugar cup by cup mixing in between until well combined.

GF apple cakes

GF and casein free apple cakesgluten free and casein free cupcakes IMG_1052

apple cupcakes
apple cupcakes

Gummy bear & blue raspberry cupcakes!


I’ve been messing around with box cakes lately. It’s pretty easy to modify a simple box cake and turn it into something funtastic. Yes, I mean funtastic. What could be more fun then funfetti and gummy bears all living on the same cupcake? Not much that I can think of, let the awesome begin.

Necessary Things

1 box Yellow or White cake mix (Duncan Hines is my favorite)

1 box Blue raspberry Jello

1 bag Gummy Bears

Empty cake mix into bowl then add powder Jello directly from packet. Integrate the Jello so that it’s evenly distributed within the cake mix. Then just follow box baking instructions and let cool.

I used a store bought funfetti mix because I was being lazy but here is a link to a great vanilla icing that you can just mix confetti or sprinkles into! Love you Martha Stewart.