Happy Halloween treats and eats!

¬†Fall is upon us! Cupcakes, caramel apples and pumpkin cakes abound.   These ghost cupcakes were pretty simple to make. I just used a marshmallow style icing or 7 minute frosting as it’s commonly known and piped out some icing … Continue reading

Puppy Cake!




I love it when kids want a super fun animal cake! This little puppy was vanilla cake with strawberry cream filling and some Whopper candy detail. My client had left her last cake order on the roof of her car and drove away. I hope a sweet homeless person found it and enjoyed themselves somewhere on the side of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. This one made it to the party safe and sound, thank goodness!



Easter treats-Chocolate chip cookie cups!

I was super tired today but I cleaned and mopped all morning anyway… I’d been putting it off for days. I’m sure some of you know that moment when you’ve ¬†finished up your mom chores and are thinking- wow I … Continue reading