Happy Halloween treats and eats!


 Fall is upon us! Cupcakes, caramel apples and pumpkin cakes abound.

ghost cupcakes!


These ghost cupcakes were pretty simple to make. I just used a marshmallow style icing or 7 minute frosting as it’s commonly known and piped out some icing then pulled straight up once the ghost shape was formed. I used piping gel for the eyes and just a single confetti sprinkle for the mouth! Pretty fun and easy, here is a link to Martha Stewart’s 7 min frosting recipe. It’s one of the best! http://www.marthastewart.com/966155/seven-minute-frosting

 candy pumpkin cupcakes

candy pumpkin cupcakes

If your short on time and still want to pull together a sweet treat for you kiddos this Halloween here is another easy option. These adorable candy pumpkins can be found at most drug stores and box chains. They are inexpensive and ready to wear! Dress up even the simplest of cupcakes with these little pumpkin cuties. Happy Halloween and have a great Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks for reading and happy baking!

IMG_1133Btw, gummy bears are good on everything!!!



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