Stormy seas vegan cake




Ok, so yesterday was my birthday, I hate my birthday. I didn’t even know it was the 29th until my father sent me a “HBD” text, gee thanks dad! Anyhoo, I thought maybe I’ll bake something today…. then I thought maybe I won’t? I’ll just sit on the couch and eat the left over Mexican food from last night instead. Set on the 2nd option I went to heat up some lunch while my son aka “looney pants” was finally taking his nap. Well don’t ya know, my other half dumped refried beans all over the top of my lunch time hopes and dreams. I hate refried beans. Hence this rainy storm cloud and stormy sea cake was born.

I just make the paper cut outs from some card stock and used tooth picks and a skewer to plunge them into the cake. I messily iced the top of my vegan wacky cake with some pistachio vanilla icing. A few drops of pistachio extract go a long way!


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