Spring has sprung, finally!




For everyone celebrating the end of this terribly cold winter and seeking  more sunny days!

I made these happy cakes yesterday as a treat to take to my dentist office. I know, seems ironic taking sweets to the dentist. I had to show them my appreciation and baking is one of the only things I’m good at. I had a tooth in need of a root canal for over a year. Last week it was causing me so much pain I packed up the toddler and walked the streets to find relief. I happened upon the first open dental office and she told me it was $85 just to be seen and possibly $800-1000 for the root canal. I was prepared for that as I had been saving this last year just for said root canal. I actually started baking cupcakes for neighborhood kids birthday parties particularly to save for the procedure.  There was another office on the corner across the way so I headed there next. Luckily I was greeted my the nicest clerk. They said my son could sit and watch so I could be seen right then! The dentist basically told me what I already knew. He scolded me for waiting so long, in the nicest way possible. What does one do with no insurance, no full time job with benefits and a partner whose company won’t honor domestic partnerships between different sex couples?  I saw no other way then to scrape by with meds and a natural garlic remedy paste I made with salt. It totally works BTW but back to the point.

The dentist offered to do the root canal and put in the filling for free for me!  I was so overwhelmed I started crying in the chair. Nice people really do exist and he is one of them for sure.  I went back yesterday and the root canal  wouldn’t work unfortunately, won’t bored you with the details. I told him just to pull the sucker out VS the $1000+ dollars I don’t have for a specialist to work on it. He pulled it out, charged me $150 and told me to use the rest of the money I had saved to fix the other problems. I have a broken tooth that the filling fell out of as well, thanks to a frozen Heath bar frosty treat. I think I need to cut back on the sugar? How does one do that though when they are surrounded by cupcakes, candy and frosting all day? I guess I better attempt to find out, or start saving another $500 bucks for more dental work! All tips and advice are welcome!




3 thoughts on “Spring has sprung, finally!

  1. First off, you have a lucky dentist, who got your cupcakes!! And second – to help yourself stop eating the sugar and frosting etc. have someone else around you try it (if there is someone) and get feedback from them. That’s what I’ve done while making desserts over Lent.

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