Tangled/Rapunzel cake!

Ok, so anyone who knows me realizes I really don’t like Disney. That’s right, I said it. I was never into it as a child and it’s joy still escapes me as an adult. Yes, I did take my 2 year old there whilst visiting my parents in Florida. Yes, I paid 20 dollars for like french fries and a coke. Yes, I really did dislike almost every minute of it. At least I gave it another try before publicly professing my dismay for the “magic” kingdom. Of course I know that little girls love princess, and the Disney ones are the princesses of choice. I always try to take a Disney cake and turn it into my own deconstructed version. I don’t want to put character faces on my cakes. I really, really, don’t so why do it? I won’t.

Here is a Tangled inspired cake for a sweet little ones happy birthday. I’m not a Grinch, I swear, I just like to march to the beat of my own boring drum:)




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