Choo Choo Milo’s Two!

My son loves trains, I mean walking around all day going “trains and cars are good” kinda love. So of course I ran with it for this little train party. We did a cookie decorating station so the kids didn’t get bored and it was a huge hit. Little details were my focus on this rather simple little party. Happy 2nd Birthday Milo!

train cover



Vegan chocolate cake with fondant trains. Rice krispie treat pops and cookies, cake pops and chocolate covered pretzels.

Party Favors

I made a little thank you tag for each child and added it to an engineers hat with a bandana and train whistle.

Activities / Games

Cookie decorating station full of icing and sugar sprinkles!



Best Moment

When one of the little engineers dumped half a bottle of green sprinkles on her cookie!

What People Ate

Train shaped sandwiches, turkey and cheese wraps, fruits, veggies and dips.

What People Drank

Cranberry champagne punch, juice boxes and water


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