Gummy bear & blue raspberry cupcakes!


I’ve been messing around with box cakes lately. It’s pretty easy to modify a simple box cake and turn it into something funtastic. Yes, I mean funtastic. What could be more fun then funfetti and gummy bears all living on the same cupcake? Not much that I can think of, let the awesome begin.

Necessary Things

1 box Yellow or White cake mix (Duncan Hines is my favorite)

1 box Blue raspberry Jello

1 bag Gummy Bears

Empty cake mix into bowl then add powder Jello directly from packet. Integrate the Jello so that it’s evenly distributed within the cake mix. Then just follow box baking instructions and let cool.

I used a store bought funfetti mix because I was being lazy but here is a link to a great vanilla icing that you can just mix confetti or sprinkles into! Love you Martha Stewart.


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